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english adults cambdridge prep rome d2 542.The philosophy that underlies Colorado English programs is that language is a life skill- a skill for communicating and connecting with others in our everyday lives. As with other life skills, competence in English communication opens possibilities and enables us constantly to expand our potential and our ability to function effectively within the wider social, cultural, and economic worlds.


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cambridgeAll of Colorado English’s courses are designed to enable students to interact effectively with others in English in a wide variety of communicative situations: in thier learning environment, at work, when traveling, engaging in business, and so on.

The staff at Colorado English fully appreciate and are aware that students do not come to the classroom as balnk slates. Instead, they bring idieas, opinions, feelings, and experiences, al of which enrinch the learning process. The courses are designed in such a way that students are given as many opportunities as possible to shar these ideas and experiences through:

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  • pair work
  • in class group work
  • one-on-one with native speakers
  • writing and communicative work.

All this ensures relate to the material and make it their own. They are no longer users but active participants, expressing their own points of view. The progression of tasks in each unit allows students to relate what they have learned to their own experiences and to express their ideas and opinions in English confidently.


kid golfThe best way to understand another culture is to experience it, to connect with it for a prolonged period. This also encourages a deeper understanding of our own cultures as we interact with and learn from others. At Colorado English, we strive to develop cross-cultural connections—and the new perspectives that come with them—by encouraging students cross-cultural studies.


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We want our graduates to appreciate and understand the differences and interdependencies that characterize our world.

Students at Colorado English learn in an English language and cultural immersion environment with curriculum that is U.S. modeled utilizing teaching methodolgies that are aproved  and sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Education.  Course structures are that of a U.S. class rooms which include:

  • weekly graded quizzes and examsMCPG Logo
  • exposure to history, culture, math and sciences
  • weekly vocabulary and spelling tests
  • graded homework assignments
  • one-on-one speaking practice with a Native speaker
  • monthly field trips
  • graduation ceremony with level certificate

5 reasons 0Courses are meant to reflect the Semester system used by primary, middle, high school and universities in the U.S. The semester system is recognized by leading education experts to maximize the students ability to acquire and retain subject material. The semester system has proven to be successful as it exposes students to a wider range of subjects over a longer period of time. Methods of teaching at Colorado are progressive and build upon the skills learned in previous courses and help students to retain what they learn and avoiding the frustrating need to having begin again and again. Each program at Colorado English prepares students to acquire the skills necesary to achieve passing results on Camridge Exmas and recieve certificates of satisfactory progress recognized by the Cambrige Exams board for International English recognized by schools and employers around the world.


5 reasons 0At Colorado English we understand that good education starts at home. We view parents as an import partner in your child’s education. That’s we have are commited to proving updated progress reports and assessments of your child’s progress in their respective courses.

You will be asigned a dedicated staff member who follow up by phone and email with reports and at each stage of your child’s learning progress. They will also be your personal contact in case you have any questions or concerns.


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Attendance, homework results and all assessment results are recorded and are accessible to parents and students at any time through the Colorado English  On-line Reporting System.

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Colorado English’s courses are supported by the most advanced learning materials from US Education publisher MacMillan Education . MacMillan Education is the leading provider of learning materials throughout  US  schools and are global leaders in advanced English language learning materials. MacMill is recognized for it’s leading research and methods to help students to achieve English profficiency better and in a shorter amount of time. Each level of program and course materials directly support Colorado English’s philosophy of interactive learning. Students learn with open minds helping them become actutely aware of the social, cultural, and economic activities that take place in a foreign language.

Students participating in this programme learn speaking English fluently & confidently AND WE GUARANTEE THIS! Not only does this learning guarantee assure our students that they will receive highly effective English training but it offers excellent value for money.

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learn english at primary schoolColorado English students are inquisitive, digital learners who use technologies to apply knowledge to new situations, analyse information, collaborate, solve problems, make decisions and communicate in all areas of their lives. Colorado English  students are media literate as they function in an online collaborative, research-based environment, researching, analysing, synthesizing, critiquing, evaluating and creating new knowledge.


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Colorado English equips students with the necessary skills with which to communicate in English and function in the 21st century. These skills are grouped into four major categories:

  • Language skills - in the 4 skill areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Learning and Innovation skills - which include creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.
  • Information, Media, and Technology skills - which involve effectively using, managing, and evaluating information from digital technology and communication tools.
  • Life and Career skills - which include flexibility and adaptability, self-direction, teamwork, appreciation of diversity, accountability, and leadership.

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Students leave Colorado English knowing how to use digital technologies and develop an appetite for learning that is maintained throughout life. This is done by increasing learning motivation through a wide use of digital tools which include: gaming, blogs, v-logs, wikis, mobile devices and social media.


Colorado English’s 21st Century learning components include:


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digital classroommedia tek

  • IWBs and computers in all Colorado English classrooms
  • Interactive Learning Centres (ILCs) at each centre, furnished with tablets, teacher computers and projectors
  • Classroom layouts that encourage student to student collaboration
  • Continually evolving hardware in the classrooms.

100 Guarantee

If a student does not pass a course he/she may repeat the course free-of-charge.

  • A course can be repeated [free of charge] one time only.
  • The student must have attended at least 95% of scheduled study hours and completed
  • Mid-course and End of Course Tests [When applicable].
  • The student must register for a new course with 7 days or the previous course finishing.

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