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ThinkSpeak Structures are instructional strategies designed to promote cooperation and spoken communication in the classroom, boost students confidence and retain their interest in classroom interaction by focusing on speaking as much as possible in many different situations. In contrast to a conventional classroom where students do not actively engage in spoken English enough because of fear of making mistakes, teacher focused lessons which do not allow the student enough opportunity to practice speaking or lack of confidence ThinkSpeak structures and approaches engage students on a personal level without the anxiety of failure keeping them from achieving meaningful progress.

Traditional learning is either whole-class, with teacher leading the or isolated independent practice work. This lacks a high level of active engagement, creates a more intimidating learning environment, and often fails to establish an effective communicative contxt for natural language acquisition.

The major strengths of Colorado English lie in the systematic gradation of the lessons in terms of its difficulty levels and also the consistencies in structures.Dilin Liu - Professor of English and Coordinator of Applied Linguistics/TESOL program

ThinkSpeak Structures have shown to:

  • increase meaningful engagement for everyone
  • lowers classroom anxiety
  • promotes natural language acquisition
  • achieve fluency in a shorter time than traditional classroom methods
  • students have higher than average English fluency abilities compared to traditional classroom learners
  • promote independent thinking

As quoted by leading education experts recently in the New York Times:

There is a direct connection between student participation, engagement, communication, and subsequent language learning”. ThinkSpeak methods are cooperative in nature and offers a powerful alternative for English learning-active interaction! ThinkSpeak Structures carefully engineer student interaction to maximize cooperation, communication, and active engagement by all.

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Too often language courses fail to build functional English fluency. Students are too focused on how to conjugate verbs, memorize vocabulary, and learn grammar rules, but too often miss out on the opportunity to use English frequently in a functional and meaningful way. With ThinkSpeak Structures students not only learn about the fundamental aspects of English, but they actually implement it to accomplish a goal. Natural language acquisition among infants is based on frequent social interaction. ThinkSpeak Structures provide the social setting for language use and offer students many opportunities to recieve input, support, inteact in English and practice oral communication of the language

As we like to say at Colorado English:

"Speak Up, Move Up!!"