Message from the Founder and Director


Greetings and Welcome to Colorado English,

craig boss Hello, my Name is Craig Allen, founder and director of the Colorado Language Institute,LLC USA and I would like to be the first to welcome you to our community and one of our learning centers. Colorado English is a US based Education and English Language learning center company with headquarters based in Denver,Colorado USA and HCMC, Vietnam.

I am student, teacher, researcher and public speaker with over 15years of experience teaching in the U.S., European Union, South Korea and South EastAsia. My time as a teacher has brought me in contact with students from all different walks of life, backgrounds, talents, and ambitions. I have served as both a High School Director in the USA, Corporate Communications Director for a fortune 500 company, and a curriculum director for major schools boards in South Korea. With the wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained over the past 15 years in higher education and business I founded Colorado English as one of Vietnam’s premier English Center’s centered on the most important principal on classroom learning: Focus on the students speaking ability.

But I digress. Before I  was able to achieve my goals and dreams I had experienced failure, frustration, set backs and heartache. And it is from these failures that I began on a path to excellenece in teaching.

My personal story begins in my hometown of Denver, Colorado USA. Growing up in a working class family. My father served in local government and my mother worked as a writing and literature professor at the nearby university. It was here that I first began to love languages and discover foreign worlds that spoke different languages. I knew ealy on in life that If I wanted something I had to work for it. Though my parents provided what the family needed, it was up to me to work and save and find a way to achive my early dreams of learning German, Frensh, Spanish and the other languages I need to achieve my dream of living and working in Europe and abroad. It was also here that I learened the frustrations of learning foreign languages, and the defficiences of improper teaching methods. In high school and college I often studied late into the evening while working part time jobs to be able to afford extra tutors to help me achieve the scores I needed to obtain a scholarship to study in Europe.         


I studied all of the time and it seemed that no matter what I tried I could never achieve the level of fluency I needed to pass my examinations or have a fluent conversation with a foreigner.

Shortly after my university graduation I was offered an internship to work at a large banking company in Germany. I was interviewed and eventually placed at a small office in a rural town in southern Germany. I was so happy and excited that I finally had achieved a dream that I had been working so hard for most of my life. It was here that I also learned frustration all over again. Upon arriving I learned that my speaking ability was so far below the abaility needed to converse fluently at work, at the supermarket, while traveling, even at home while talking to my friends! I  soon returned home frustrated and heart broken, and broke.

That’s when I made the most important decision of my life: I would find a better way to teach students of language. I set out to become the teacher I had always wanted and needed. I returned to school to obtain higher teaching certifications and began my career as a teacher. I studied teaching methods and attended lectures in the USA, Europe, and Asia. I taught English  from elementary to high school levels. I taught corporate CEO’s how to better communicate with their overseas offices and employees.  I trained staff at South Korea’s largest and most prestigious public school foreign language program. Through years of hard work and study, I found a better way for non-native english speakers to gain the fluency of English needed to learn more efficiently and ultimately with more confidence.

Colorado English Craig1

Colorado English employs the ThinkSpeak methodology perfected over years of practice and experience. ThinkSpeaks’ sole focus is to teach the ability to hear and respond to English in a native environment withpout being constricted by the inability to translate in Vietnames then back into English. The ThinkSpeak method ecourages and motivates students to engage with native speakers with confidence and fluency.

I understand the frustrations and set-backs in learning a foreign language. I have been a student of foreign languages. I know what works for students.

I wish to personally thank you for taking the time to visit Colorado English and look forward to assisting you with your educational goals and ambitions.

Speak Up, Move UP!!! 

Craig Allen, M.A.
Denver, Colorado USA.
Craig Sig